The Workshops at Tinnakeenly Kilkenny

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  1. Amy O'Regan says:

    Tinnakeenly Leathers
    Located on South Anne Street Dublin, we are known for our high quality purses, satchels and
    Our satchels differ from other stores because of their unique design and zip closure on the
    front flap, making them ideal for storing 13” Macbook sized laptops and 15” regular sized
    The leather satchels are firmly secure and perfect for carrying a heavy load when you want to
    avoid your bag from bursting open in the centre of town.
    Our satchels were designed by our founder Humphrey who used excellent quality durable
    leather and oily buffalo hide which only gets better with age.
    Tinnakeenly satchels aren’t just for Winter, they’re for life!
    Naturally tan in colour with vegetable dyes, they exude a rich and lustrous feel on the outside
    and have a very spacious and giving inside which is perfect for all your documents, business
    notes, notepads and laptops.
    Each bag is also equipped with sturdy shoulder straps that won’t give, so you can carry your
    belongings for hours without a worry!

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