Satchel Bag with Handle


We are very happy with how this bag has turned out. From drawing the first sketches to cutting the patterns I had a feeling that this Satchel would be special. The samples needed a bit of improving such as stronger shoulder sections for the straps, padding on the base for protection of your laptop and reinforcing the lining under the handle bar.

All this is now presented in the fantastic satchel / brief case. Such a nice leather to work in, its great to use and appreciates with time and use. This bag does everything as I hope you can see from our pictures.

Product Description


A sturdy strong satchel bag, that will take a 15 inch Laptop, documents, charging cables and room for lunch!

Real leather, the more you use this leather bag, the better it will look.

Reinforced shoulder straps, for those heavy books.

Additional Information

Weight 1.00 kg


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